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Strength, endurance, health and injury rehabilitation advice from host Joe DeLeo, NSCA-CSCS, FMS, SFG I . This is your podcast resource for top notch tips, strategies, information and stories from strength & conditioning, rowing, running and other endurance sports as well as expert information on nutrition, health and wellness that can be applied to everyone from elite athletes to exercise enthusiasts. This podcast will feature interviews with elite and amateur athletes, strength and endurance coaches, health & wellness experts, and injury rehabilitation professionals. If you are looking to improve your health, strength, and fitness while simultaneously training smarter this podcast has something for you! Train Smarter. Get Stronger. Move Better. Race Faster. For more information and resources, go to
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Sep 26, 2016

In Episode 038 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview my good friend Dan Mahoney. Dan was a former professional baseball player who has transitioned from being an athlete to a trainer. Dan shares his story of being a pitcher and experiencing the Tommy John Injury and Surgery. Dan is also an RKC II, NASM-CPT, and Amazing 12 Coach. This is a fantastic episode for high school and college athletes as well as trainers and parents! Here's what you will learn:

  • Dan's background as a baseball player
  • Being drafted at UConn
  • Examining pitching mechanics
  • Listening to the warning signs
  • Suffering a career ending injury (Tommy John)
  • Becoming a trainer and finding kettlebells
  • The importance of playing more than one sport
  • Thoughts on training rotation for rotational athletes
  • and much more!

Show Notes:

Mahoney Performance Training (Website)

Mahoney Performance Training (Instagram)

Mahoney Performance Training (Facebook)

Sep 19, 2016

In Episode 037 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview Dr. Ed Wittich. Dr. Ed Wittich is a doctor of Osteopathy with a Masters in lower limb biomechanics and a passion for what makes people perform at their best, injury free. Ed is  BAT Logic's in-house expert on Sports Medicine, Athlete analysis and Product Innovation. He has worked with numerous Olympic teams as well as top colleges and schools internationally, he is also a contributor to international rowing publications and conferences and consults with teams and athletes around the world.

Here is what you will learn in this episode:

  • Dr. Ed Wittich's background and education in Osteopathy and lower limb biomechanics.
  • Overview of rowing equipment and how it's changed
  • Special considerations for different demographics of rowers
  • How BAT Logic helps athletes to stabilize and prevent injury
  • Where does rowing stand in currently understanding causes and injury rehab?
  • and much more!

Show Notes:

Sep 16, 2016

In Episode 036 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview Luis Ahrens-Teixeira the President of the Portugese Rowing Federation. Luis is also the co-founder of the Avizaqcua Training Center and a former national team member for Portugal.

In this interview you will learn:

  • Luis background as an athlete and transition to an entrepreneur.
  • The Avizaqcua Team Center
  • Herdade da Cortesia
  • Luis roots in rowing (beginning in 1988)
  • Began rowing as a junior in 1992 and kept going until 2004
  • Bronze medal in 1994 in Indianapolis
  • Selling his car to start his company
  • The history of the Avizaqcua Team Center
  • Why this is the place that athletes and rowing teams come to train and hold their camps
  • and much more...

Show Notes:


Sep 11, 2016

In Episode 035 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview Dr. Jane Thornton. Jane Thornton, MD, PhD is an Olympic rower and World Champion. She earned a PhD in sports and exercise medicine and then completed her MD to put her research into action and rethink healthcare delivery. Focusing on physical activity as both prevention and treatment of chronic disease, Jane has developed educational resources and medical curricula in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the U.K., and Canada. She is also passionate about rowing injuries research and lectures on both topics extensively.


In this interview we focus on rib injuries in rowing, here is what you will learn:

  • Dr. Thornton's background in medicine and career as a rower
  • Movement as medicine and how physical activity can be prevention
  • More rib stress fractures in the 1990's | Change in blade design "the big blade"
  • The 3 Big Theories surrounding Rib Injuries
  • Dr. Anders Vinther
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Strengthening Imbalances
  • Chronic vs. Acute Injuries
  • EMG Studies on firing patterns of muscles surrounding ribs and shoulder girdle

Show Notes:

Make Your Day Harder (Website)

Dr. Jane Thornton (Twitter)

Management of Rib Pain in Rowers: Emerging Issues

Rowing Injuries : An Updated Review (PDF available for purchase only)

Sep 3, 2016

In Episode 034 of the LEO Training Podcast I interview Brett Jones.

Brett Jones is StrongFirst’s Chief SFG Instructor and is an FMS Advisory Board Member. He is also a Certified Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. He is based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from High Point University, and a Master of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

We cover just about everything in this podcast interview that is just under two hours!

Here's what you will learn:

  • Brett's roots as an athletic trainer and transitioning into the strength and conditioning field.
  • How kettlebells helped Brett rehab from a low back injury
  • Brett hit all of his personal records after his back injury
  • The Brettzel
  • Anatomical and Biomechanical breathing
  • Why speed hides and it's good to move slow!
  • Kettlebells from the Ground Up 1 & 2
  • Dynami
  • The Four Knots
  • Why Strength symmetry is important?
  • What are pitfalls of the SFG I and SFG II that people run into during training?
  • Indian Club Swinging and how it can be a great compliment to hardstyle training
  • The Return of the CK-FMS
  • and more!

Show Notes:

Applied Strength (Website)

Brett Jones (Twitter)

Applied Strength (Facebook)

Kettlebells from the Ground Up 1

Kettlebells from the Ground Up 2


Club Swinging Essentials

Indian Clubs Online Course

SFG Level I Prep Guide

SFG Level II Prep Guide

The 3 Pillars: How to Build Skill While Being Real